Ron recently celebrated his 75th birthday. Looking at him you would never know it, watching him workout you definitely would never know it.  Ron has been a client of Fitness By Design – Carmel for the last 8 years and his trainer Tom Owen has been with him from the beginning.  Prior to coming to FBD, his exercise program was walking his dog.   What changed?

Ron was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in the beginning of 2001, he was 66.  He started treatment in April of 2001 which involved an experimental chemotherapy drug called Taxol and 39 rounds of radiation.  By December of 2001, Ron had started a strength training program.

It was Ron’s Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Tom Dugan, who recommended he begin a strength training regimen.   Ron takes regular hormone injections to suppress the testosterone because testosterone feeds the cancer. The down side to the hormone treatments is that it causes bone thinning and muscle loss. “You are never cured of prostate cancer it’s just a matter of controlling it” Ron stated.  In order to increase his bone density and muscle strength, he needed to lift weights.

Strength training stresses your bones therefore increases bone density.  Ron started a strength training program 2 times a week, each session lasting no more than 30 minutes.  Each workout consists of working all the major muscle groups in a slow and deliberate fashion, focusing on safety and efficiency.

Did Ron see results?  So much so that it inspired his grandson Isaiah to start strength training 4 years ago when he was only 15 years old.   Recently, Ron’s son Kent and granddaughter, Ariaunah decided to join the family affair.  They work out together as a “team” with Ron’s trainer, Tom.  Ron has seen positive changes in both his grandson and granddaughter.

Why has Ron’s commitment to strength training been so loyal?  He knows it works.  “I’m a glutton for punishment – getting old isn’t for sissy’s!” Ron is a true believer in the benefits that only strength training can provide.  “I’m stronger now than I ever have been in my life and I can tolerate anything for half an hour.”

Check out Ron’s strength training workout video on YouTube.

We focus on strength training because it is the absolute best form of exercise in order to maximize positive physical benefits, and is the most physiologically productive form of physical activity.

High intensity strength training can provide the following benefits:

  • increased muscular strength and endurance
  • increased lean muscle tissue
  • increased functional capacity
  • increased bone density
  • increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • improved blood sugar tolerance
  • reduced back pain
  • improved appearance and body shape