FITNESS BY DESIGN… Specializing in Personal Exercise Instruction. 
We’re not here to make fitness a game and  we’re not here for your entertainment. 


We  are a  private training studio for individuals who want a structured exercise environment plus the personal attention of professional trainers.     We specialize in High Intensity Strength Training, a method of strength training that focuses on the quality of the exercise rather than quantity.  Exercises are performed in a way to specifically target and overload the working muscles.  Emphasizing  safety, form and intensity to make each exercise extremely effective.  Our workout philosophy teaches clients that proper form requires consistency and proper intensity requires determination. Each 30 minute session consists of working all the major muscle groups.  

Why Strength Train?

Everyone needs the same thing.  They need more muscle; they need to be stronger. Why? Muscles move our bodies and give us shape. In order to improve your physical appearance and increase your physical capacity you need to strengthen the muscles.

Strength training provides the following benefits:

  • increased muscular strength, tone and endurance
  • increased lean muscle tissue
  • increased heart and lung efficiency
  • increased joint flexibility
  • improved appearance and body shape
  • reduced risk of injury and illness

Training correctly not easy.  We provide the discipline, the motivation and the commitment that people lack on their own.  We hold people accountable.  It’s up to the individual to push themselves to the limit.

You provide the effort and our certified and experienced trainers provide the motivation and guidance on proper technique to make every workout simple, safe and effective for clients of all ages and abilities.

We offer two flexible options for our clients: One on One Training or Team Training; pair up with a friend or spouse and share the training time.

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Nutrition consulting and weight loss programs also offered.

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Our Training Philosophy

At Fitness By Design we believe strength training provides the most superior physical health and fitness benefits possible through exercise.

A comprehensive training program at FBD consists of working all the major muscle groups during each workout and can be accomplished in 20-30 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week. The underlying principles of safety, efficiency and progression are the foundation of every program.​

Our focus is on the quality of the exercise not the quantity. Current research substantiates what we have been recommending to our clients for the past 15 years. Simply, that one set of each exercise performed until momentary muscle failure is as effective as multiple set programs. Having said that, you must understand that training correctly is not easy. In order for the 20 to 30 minutes of exercise to produce positive physiological change, you must be willing to focus and work hard!

In order for strength training to be safe and productive the technique used is critical. Fitness by Design promotes a science based, structured technique of strength training. The basis of this technique is a slow controlled speed of movement when performing any and all exercises.  By slowing down the speed of movement you are making the exercise safer, more productive and more efficient.

If you are interested in improving your physical health and fitness then the logical choice of activity is strength training. Contact us today to get started.​