David Davis

Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Fitness By Design Carmel

  • Education: Ball State – Degree in Exercise Science
  • Certifications: F.I.R.S.T. Certification, Super slow Certification, High Intensity Strength Training Specialist, CPR Certified.
  • David’s Personal Training: High Intensity Strength Training!
  • Fitness-Related Interests: Mountain Biking, Enduro motorcycling.
  • Achievements: Promoted to manager in 1996, bought 2nd Fitness by Design in 2002. 16 Years of training experience.

Petra Davis

Certified Personal Trainer, Founder of FBD Carmel

“I’m a true believer in High Intensity Strength Training. People may have different “wants” in an exercise program but everyone has the same “need” and the need is strength. I’m here to show people that there is an approach to exercise that isn’t complicated and time consuming. There is no other form of training that has more potential to increase your performance and physcial appearance than strength training.”

  • Education: Ball State University
  • Certifications: Fitness By Design Personal Training Certification and CPR/AED Certified.
  • Fitness-Related Interests: Mountain Biking, swimming, water skiing, strength training.  High Intensity Strength Training 2x a week, Mountain Biking.
  • Personal Training: High Intensity Strength Training 2x a week, Mountain Biking.
  • Achievements: Swam competitively. Qualified for Olympics Trials at 17 and received a full scholarship to Ball State University. High Intensity Strength Training has been the only way I have trained for the past 20 years.

Amy Christman

Certified Personal Trainer

“I believe that people owe it to themselves to be physically fit and that the benefits of regular exercise and proper nutrition far exceed any inconvenience.”

  • Education: Ball State University – Degree in Dietetic Technology
  • Certifications: ACE (American Council on Exercise), F.I.R.S.T. Certification and CPR Certification.
  • Amy’s Personal Training: High Intensity Strength training twice a week and cardio via Nordic track machine or treadmill
  • Fitness-Related Interests: Keeping abreast of changing, and sometimes controversial, exercise and nutrition information to assist clients in reaching their goals
  • Achievements: My education and using it to guide clients in attaining a healthier lifestyle.

Phil Clark

Certified Personal Trainer

  • Education:  Purdue University – 2008
  • Phil’s Personal Training:  High Intensity Strength Training three times per week.
  • Fitness Related Interests: Weight Lifting,  football, wrestling, wake-boarding,  and motocross. I love being active and doing anything outdoors.

I enjoy being in a position where I can help my clients reach their individual fitness goals by helping with nutritional decisions as well as motivating them to push themselves beyond what they thought possible in the gym.  Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle is a life altering process, and I love being involved in that aspect of my clients’ lives.