Welcome to Fitness by Design – Carmel

Specializing in Personal Exercise Instruction

We are a private training studio for individuals who want a structured exercise environment plus the personal attention of professional trainers.

We specialize in progressive, productive strength training. Emphasizing form and intensity making each exercise extremely effective. We make this a priority for our clients because we know that strength training provides the most superior physical health and fitness benefit possible through exercise. All workouts address all the major muscle groups every workout.

Fitness by Design | Carmel - Facilities Weight RoomEveryone needs the same thing. They need more muscle; they need to be stronger. Why? Muscles move our bodies and give us shape. In order to improve your physical appearance and increase your physical capacity you need to strengthen the muscles.

Training correctly is not easy. We provide the discipline, the motivation and the commitment that people lack on their own. We hold people accountable. It’s up to the individual to push themselves to the limit.

Strength training provides the following benefits:

  • increased muscular strength, tone and endurance
  • increased lean muscle tissue
  • increased heart and lung efficiency
  • increased joint flexibility
  • improved appearance and body shape
  • reduced risk of injury and illness

You provide the effort and our certified and experienced trainers provide the motivation and guidance on proper technique to make every’ workout simple, safe and effective for clients of all ages and abilities.

We offer two flexible options for our clients: One-on-One Training or Team Training; pair up with a friend or spouse and share the training time. Take control of your long-term health and fitness now. Schedule your free consultation today!

Nutrition consulting and weight loss programs also offered.

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